Shamanic Drum Circles

Come and co-create a ceremonial circle of sound, healing and awakening.

Drum, chant and move together inside a safe and sacred container of connection, release, and positive intention.

We usually gather on the Equinoxes and Solstices – auspicious days that are good to reflect on your life, your relationship to Mother Earth, and on our relationship with Turtle Island’s First Peoples, and what we can do in right relationship with them to foster healing and promote reconciliation.

We also honour and participate in the Otomic Tolteca Prophesy of 8,000 drums – for hundreds of years this prophesy has been passed on through the generations, inspiring drummers to gather on the solstices and equinoxes to drum for Mother Earth. This is the prophesy that Otomi Tolteca Elders and Wisdom Keepers have shared:
“When 8,000 drums will sound again the great healing for Mother Earth will happen and more Peace on Earth will come. The People from the Four Directions will come together to bring about a great healing for Mother Earth. They will have realized the great harm we humans have done to nature. The Children of the Earth will come together to recognize their Mother Earth as a Living Being who can also feel, breathe, love and be happy.”It is also a powerful day to take stock of how our year is going, and to refocus our energies on what we wish to manifest and heal during the summer, and in the remainder of the year. A Shamanic Drum Circle is an ideal vehicle for journeying to discover what is true for you.Come and be guided to express yourself, to open your heart, to connect with your emotions and to work and feel at home in yourself. Align with others of like minds and hearts to experience and be empowered by shamanic drumming practices.
We create sacred space by smudging, honouring the traditional stewards of this land, the four directions, grandfather sky, grandmother earth, and our spirits.

Alchemically brewed, ceremonial-grade cacao is passed around the circle, and before we drink it, we connect to it with our senses, with our gratitude for all those who brought it to us, and for ourselves for coming to receive it. We then infuse it with intention for that which we wish to let go of, and to receive, during the rest of the ceremony.

We will drum and sing medicine songs from the modern shamanic tradition – the rainbow tribe that welcomes seekers from all backgrounds. We will release what no longer serves us, and invite something new into the space we have created.We will drum and move through the elements, and drum with intention to attract what our hearts and spirits desire. We will go deep to help us envision what we want to bring to life this year, for ourselves, our relationships, our communities and our planet. We will send those visions on waves of sound and intention out into the universe.We will connect and support each other with rhythm, voice and vibration, and create community in a circle inside a sacred labyrinth. This will be a unique drum circle, as it will be facilitated to gently guide you through transformative experiences. This is not a typical un-facilitated drum circle, many of which have blossomed in the Greater Toronto Area – they can be a lot of fun, but this circle will take you deeper, into sacred space.

Please have your favourite drum or shaker ready (although you don’t need any instruments to benefit from the ceremony), a journal and pen for insights received, and an intention, a question, and or a request for healing, either for your or someone else. A few extra frame drums will be provided on a first come first served basis, and a large gathering drum will be also be there for people to take turns playing.

We gather either inside a labyrinth in one of Toronto’s newest parks, jus one block West of Bathurst Subway, and one block north of Bloor, at the corner of Markham St and London St, or at Swan’s Nest Holistic Wellness and Nature Centre, in King Township, only an hour’s drive from downtown Toronto.

No experience is necessary, and these events are family-friendly and open to all ages and abilities. As we are creating sacred space together, the consumption of alcohol and drugs is not permitted.