Workplace Workshops

Drums and rhythm instruments give a voice to those who struggle with self-expression and oral communication. They open up a rich world of non-verbal communication and creative expression in a safe and supportive environment. They allow us to connect, to share, to belong, to release, to be heard, to be creative, and to heal.

Rhythm & Resiliency

Rhythmic Conflict Resolution

Sound-Based Stress Reduction for Workplace Wellness

  • Sound Bath Meditations
  • HealthRHYTHMS

Team Building Workshops

Drum Circle Facilitators Guild Promo Video

We worked on this for nearly six months and we're proud to finally launch this Drum Circle Promotional Video! Feel free to embed and share this with everyone. Look for it on the Guild's homepage at Big thanks to Arthur Hull for licensing your music as the background track!

Posted by Drum Circle Facilitators Guild on Wednesday, September 23, 2015