Swan’s Nest Holistic Wellness & Nature Centre

Come and connect in a natural wonderland. Connect with a community of holistic healers, to Mother Nature, and to new friends who are also attracted to this transformative space, so close to Toronto, and so magical and otherworldly. Come and experience balance again, renew your own healing abilities, and learn how to truly thrive! Come and be part of an open-hearted and supportive community, dedicated to empowering themselves to improve their lives, their happiness, and their quality of life.
Forest Bathing Workshops
Come and immerse yourself in nature, in the woods and in sound. Experience the immune boosting and stress reducing benefits of the forest. Engage your senses and allow them to bring you into the present moment. Explore the heart of a 350-acre nature sanctuary, on top of the Oak Ridges Moraine, just an hour from downtown Toronto.
Forest Bathing, or Shinrin-yoku as it is known in Japan, is a unique way of experiencing the many health benefits of mindfully, and slowly, walking through a forest. We bathe in the smells, sights, textures, tastes and sounds of the forest. Talking is kept to a minimum but participants are invited to share their observations in different locations. Just to be clear, we will not be disrobing and “bathing” in the forest!
Let me guide you into a environment you may have been in before, but in a new way. I am not the therapist – the forest is.
We will explore an old-growth forest on the edge of one of the Oak Ridges Moraine’s most unique features – a deep, kettle lake, part of a provincially and ecologically significant wetland complex. As stewards of this unique parcel of land for the past 73 years, my family has committed to protecting this land in perpetuity by planting over a million trees and by granting conservation easements to the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust.
Labyrinth Ceremonies
At Swan’s Nest Holistic Wellness and Nature Centre, a private sanctuary on the Oak Ridges Moraine, only an hour from downtown Toronto, we gather regularly to walk a 120 foot Chartres labyrinth, perched high atop a moraine hill with a spectacular view of a kettle lake.
Labyrinth ceremonies are particularly effective at helping us find the answers to our questions, providing direction on our quests, and illuminating next steps when the road ahead has become unclear.
We will begin by smudging and setting an intention, followed by a Sacred Mayan Cacao Ceremony to open our hearts and infuse our intentions into the Cacao before we consume it. Then we will engage in a short journalling exercise to help empty the mind, to release from the body, and to purge whatever lingers from the past, that no longer serve us, that we wish not to bring into the future.
We will then burn what we have purged in a fire ceremony, to fully release, and to liberate ourselves and create new space for illuminating whatever question we will bring into the labyrinth.
The labyrinth ceremony is a walking meditation on a question, a dilemma, or a search for direction or next steps. The four quadrants of the Chartres labyrinth allow us to take time to look at our challenges, and the insights that come, through 4 different lenses of who we are: our bodies, our emotions, our minds, and our Spirits.
Following the journey inward, we will spend our time walking outwards contemplating the solutions or next steps that have come through.
Once we have all left the labyrinth, we we participate in a final gathering to reflect on what insights have come through, before returning home.
Sacred Song Circles
Come join us to sing songs that connect us to Mother Earth and her elements. That connect us to each other and that sense that we’re all in this together!
Songs that uplift us, heal us, and make us feel a deep sense of grace, optimism and hope.
What is a sacred song circle?
It is a gathering of voices arranged in a circle, in sacred space, to share in song. We do this because it connects us, and unifies us, and inspires us to create something magnificent that we can’t do on our own. And when we all co-create that, it feels pretty darn good.
It’s a gathering of people of all backgrounds, where all voices are welcome, and singing experience, and reading music, is not required. We learn songs in the oral tradition, through call and response, an ancient teaching method that is used my many sacred singing traditions. Many of our songs are pocket songs – short, quick to learn, and easy to remember and take with you. We often layer 3 simple verses together to create beautiful harmonies. And when the words we sing are positive, uplifting and inspiring, the feeling we get is even better, and even…well…spiritual!
Shamanic Drum Circles
Come and co-create a ceremonial circle of sound, healing and awakening. We will drum, chant and move together inside a safe and sacred container of connection, release, and positive intention. Come and be guided to express yourself, to open your heart, to connect with your emotions and to work and feel at home in yourself. Align with others of like minds and hearts to experience and be empowered by shamanic drumming practices. We will create sacred space by smudging, honouring the traditional stewards of this land, the four directions, grandfather sky, grandmother earth, and our spirits. We will drum and sing medicine songs from the modern shamanic tradition – the rainbow tribe that welcomes seekers from all backgrounds. We will release what no longer serves us, and invite something new into the space we have created.
We will drum and move through the elements, and drum with intention to attract what our hearts and spirits desire. We will go deep to help us envision what we want to bring to life this year, for ourselves, our relationships, our communities and our planet. We will send those visions on waves of sound and intention out into the universe.
We will connect and support each other with rhythm, voice and vibration, and create community in a circle in a safe space, and finally, again, IN PERSON!
Frame Drum Making Workshops
The frame drum is the oldest known drum on the planet. It arose in several areas of the world, independently of each other, and today many versions are still being used by different cultures around the world. We  build 14″ and 16″ deerskin and sinew frame drum in the style of many First Nations, and shamanic cultures in Asia, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Drums we make ourselves, out of materials that have been properly harvested, with respect given and permission received, are known to be the most healing, not just for you, but for those you play it for.
All materials and tools, and tea, coffee and some light, healthy snacks are provided.
Maximum 6 participants.
Honour the Waters Ceremonies
Come and join us for an afternoon of celebration, reflection, meditation, music making, singing, learning and sharing with Deborah Treger and Rufus Glassco. We are delighted to invite you to an afternoon song ceremony dedicated to water, the source of all life on this planet. Our mother earth, the mother we share will all living creatures, is just like us – 70 percent of the earth’s surface is covered by water. 70 percent of our body is composed of water.
Using the power and beauty of song, we will put our intention, and gratitude, into that water. Later we will drink some, share some to give back to Mother Earth, and take some with us to mix with the waters in our home, and to share with our loved ones.

Coming in 2022:

  • Temazcal Sweat Lodge Ceremonies
  • Tree Socials
  • Earthing
  • Wim Hof Breathing & Cold Water Bathing
  • Community Drum Circles