Movement & Sound Workshops

Self-Healing Through Movement & Sound

This workshop brings together our 2 energies – masculine and feminine, shiva and shakti, yin and yang. Come and lean healing practices from a variety of traditions that engage breath, movement and sound – some of Rufus and Dinora’s favourite self-healing practices. We will be learning simple but effective self healing practices such as:

  • breathing and stretching exercises.
  • a mudra for charging and balancing our masculine and feminine energies.
  • 6 healing sounds that help to detoxify the organs.
  • gentle movements that mimic our initial developmental stages that help us to reclaim the body’s natural strength, flexibility, and mobility.
  • gentle yoga stretches combined with positive affirmations of acceptance and love for our bodies.
  • rhythmic movement and dance to music that give us permission to be real, to let things move, to let it all go, to let it be.

We will end the evening with a gentle sound bath to treat the body to sonic relaxation and release, of stress, possibly of emotions, and to re-harmonize the body’s systems and revitalize its healing abilities.

Sonic Movement Through the Chakras

Breath and movement are old friends. Accompanied by carefully curated music and supported by live performances of ancient instruments, we will journey with breath, movement, voice and dance to explore our chakras. Allow your body to reorder, reorganize and realign.

Surrender to the music and flow to the mystic and ancient rhythms as we explore particular sounds, concepts and movements that help to release blockages and open our chakras.

Dinora will weave her skills as a yoga teacher and Nia dance facilitator with Rufus’ experience helping people to heal & de-stress with drums, percussion, voice and sound healing instruments.

Rufus & Dinora’s Healing Workshops

Rufus and Dinora facilitate healing workshops that incorporate movement and dance, drumming, sound healing, yoga, chanting, and shamanic practices.

Dinora is a Hatha Yoga teacher, a Kundalina Yoga practitioner, a Nia Dance teacher, a holistic natural nutritionist and a practitioner of Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage.

They met 25 years ago in Mexico, where Dinora is from, and were married in 1999. They live in Toronto, where they raise their 2 sons. They also run an import business called La Botica that sells unique, hand-made artisanal products from Oaxaca, Mexico, and a line of smudge, incense and organic essential oil sprays. Many of the ingredients are grown organically near Toronto on their family farm. For more information please visit