Sound Healing-Group Sound Bath Meditations

There is no right or wrong way to receive a sound bath. For now, all of our sound bath meditations are online, Over Zoom for higher fidelity, and also on Facebook Live. In the late Spring of 2021 we began offering outdoor and online Sound Bath Meditations from the Seldom Heard Eco-Retreat Centre, only an hour from downtown Toronto. In person Sound Bath Meditations are now being scheduled for mid-March, 2022!

Participants are invited to relax on yoga mats to be bathed in sounds that come from a variety of sound healing instruments, such as crystal singing bowls, the didgeridoo, the frame drum, the ocean drum and tuning forks, to name but a few. These sounds can quickly produce the same downshifts in brainwave activity that experienced meditators benefit from. And while many of us are able to meditate for a few minutes, maintaining the meditative state of mind for more than 20 minutes can take years of practice. Fortunately, anyone can experience the health benefits from prolonged mental relaxation without knowing how to meditate. You only have to come to a good sound bath – it’s just that much easier.

Sometimes sound baths cause us to release. This can come in the form of emotions – tears can suddenly well up and burst forth. Sometimes tension can be released from the body in the form of sudden shivers, twitches, or even prolonged vibrations or even shaking. While they can be unexpected, they are always welcome – the release is positive as trapped emotions and even forgotten traumas are being dislodged from the body and / or the psyche.

Often, following a sound bath meditation, people are curious about what has just happened to them, why they experienced certain feelings, releases, body sensations or emotions, and wonder how particular sounds were produced. Rufus is always available following his sound baths and is happy to help people better process and understand their experiences, to demonstrate how he creates some of his magical and ethereal sounds, and to share information about the history and cultural significance of his global collection of instruments.

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