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How does Sound Heal?

Research is catching up with ancient wisdom. Sound healing is now going mainstream, and Rufus is a Sound Healing Practitioner who uses sound and rhythm to help people to connect, off load stress, and heal from a variety of health challenges, including cancer, mental illness, stroke and brain injuries, and Alzheimer’s & dementia. Here is a quick overview of why we should all consider using sound healing for healing and health maintenance: 

One of the most important factors in healing, or maintaining good health, besides proper nutrition, sufficient and quality rest, enough exercise and avoiding smoking, is having healthy techniques for offloading stress. Stress is endemic in our modern, industrialized world, and is thought to be one of the leading causes of illness. Stress often prevents the mind from reaching the deepest levels of relaxation, either awake or asleep, when our brains are normally able to fully relax.

Sound healing has been used for thousands of years to help people relax, de-stress, and connect in community. Scientists who study how ancient sound healing techniques found all over the world create altered states of consciousness, a level of deep relaxation, and discovered that they also dramatically improve immune functioning. 

Many modern and traditional medical experts consider illness to be a manifestation of disharmony within the body. Healing is achieved by restoring the normal vibratory frequency of the disharmonious – and therefore diseased – part of the body. Vocal overtones, and pure tones created by sound healing instruments, simply help to restore harmony in the body. Some harmonies, such as a 5th, are known as a tonic, which means to provide a feeling of vigor or well-being. Scientists have now proven that being exposed to harmonic fifths stimulates the release of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is not just anti-bacterial and anti-viral, it also enhances the immune system and helps to bring the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system into balance. 

Toning is an ancient Vedic tradition from India, and toning with other people creates a sense of unity. It is simply creating a vocal sound with an elongated vowel for an extended period, and it has a neurochemical effect on the body, boosting the immune system and causing the release of endorphins. It also helps to release stress and repressed emotions, it assists in good breathing and posture, and has also been proven to be effective in relieving insomnia.